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This is a CALL for action

In a world facing unprecedented marine & climate challenges, this initiative seeks to unite diverse talents and perspectives to create a tidal wave of positive change for our oceans. Whether you're a tech innovator, a community leader, or a voice in the digital wilderness, your contribution can help turn the tide!

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Join Forces with Benthos

Community Leaders & NGOs

Partner with Benthos to quantitatively assess and boost the ecosystem services your projects deliver. Scale your efforts more effectively and join in co-funding applications to magnify our collective impact.

Tech Innovators & Developers

Collaborate with Benthos to develop low-cost, high-impact tech solutions for marine conservation. Your tech skills are key for tools that improve data collection and analysis, aiding ocean preservation efforts.

Communicators & Content Creators

Let's empower through awareness, making complex science accessible and engaging. Your knack for storytelling and content creation can inspire action and spread knowledge.

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