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Activating the Local Community to Take Action for a Healthy Ocean

Sustainable Ocean Alliance Germany

Oct 2, 2023

SOA Germany has started to create a network for young ocean enthusiasts to connect and learn from each other. We hope to engage an enthuastic community that foster just and diverse human-ocean relationships for all.

On October 2nd, SOA Germany joined forces with fellow environmental advocates to make a meaningful visit to the Norwegian embassy. Our purpose was clear: to present a letter outlining our profound worries regarding the long-term effects of deep-sea mining on marine life and habitats. This gesture went beyond merely submitting a piece of paper; it was an earnest attempt to initiate meaningful discussions and advocate for substantial policy shifts. We are committed to a vision where environmental concerns are prioritized over industrial gains, understanding that real change begins with our collective voice being acknowledged. Collaborative effort is essential in this journey towards sustainability, as it amplifies our message and underscores the universal importance of protecting our oceans for present and future generations.

#lookdown #stopdeepseamining

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