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Berlin Innovation Deep Talk: 'Save the Ocean'

Francielly Monteiro

Feb 21, 2024

As the tides of innovation ebb and flow, our shared responsibility to the world's oceans remains ever constant. In this spirit, SHOWZ and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Germany are hosting a gathering that emphasizes collaboration in marine conservation and highlights the ocean's critical role in climate discussions.

Berlin may not be a coastal city, but the urgency of discussing our oceans has never been more palpable, even from here. The truth is, regardless of where we find ourselves on the map, the fate of our oceans affects us all, deeply and intrinsically. It's a realization that strikes a personal chord with me, highlighting the interconnectedness of our global community and the vital role the oceans play in our collective well-being.

It's with a profound sense of responsibility and a dash of excitement that I find myself at a pivotal moment — the opportunity to shine a light on marine conservation beyond the traditional boundaries of industry and geography. This endeavor isn't just about bringing attention to the challenges our oceans face; it's about bridging gaps, connecting dots, and fostering an inclusive dialogue that draws in voices from diverse fields and backgrounds.

That's why the upcoming landmark gathering, hosted by SHOWZ in partnership with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Germany, feels so momentous to me. We're setting the stage for deep, dynamic discussions between entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, scientists, and activists to come together not just to talk about the problems but to explore solutions, share successes, and build a community united by a common cause.

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