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Harnessing AI for Ocean Sciences

Rise of AI on Linkedin

Jan 10, 2024

Francielly Monteiro, Founder of and Hub Leader at Sustainable Ocean Alliance Germany, will lead an interactive AI Topic Table discussion at Rise of AI Conference.

The intersection of AI and ocean science offers a unique opportunity to address the complex and pressing challenges facing our marine environment. This interactive round will explore the profound impact of AI on marine science. The discussion will cover four broad topics:

🐚 AI's deep dive: Innovating Ocean Science

🐚 Ocean data revolution: The rise of AI in ocean science

🐚 Ocean insight: AI-powered solutions to ocean challenges

🐚 Sea of data: Harnessing AI for Ocean Sustainability

These themes highlight the transformative potential of AI to revolutionize how we study, understand, and sustainably manage the oceans. Francielly's work integrates artificial intelligence into environmental modeling, enabling her to develop AI-driven solutions to combat the loss of marine biodiversity. This AI Topic Table is a unique opportunity to learn from her expertise. Don't miss your chance to join the AI conversation!

Modified from Rise of AI

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